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Armageddon 2036: Book for a Vacation to Mars when Nova Asteroid will Rock our World July 31, 2006

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You might want to book your vacation now for Mars in 2036 when “Nova” Asteroid will rock our World. ‘Nova’ asteroid could rock your world in ’36 It wasn’t quite Chicken Little warning that the sky was falling, but astrophysicist and PBS “Origins” star Neil deGrasse Tyson yesterday warned TV writers that an asteroid is coming – very, very close to Earth.

A projected trajectory shows the asteroid, Apophis (named for the Egyptian god of death and darkness), will come very close to our planet in 2029, and have a chance of hitting Earth on its next pass in 2036.If it hits, the impact would equal asteroid2.jpgthe force of 100 nuclear bombs, said Tyson, the new host of “Nova scienceNOW.” The show will devote a segment of its Oct. 3 season premiere to “doomsday asteroids.”Tyson says we have plenty of time to act, react and reassess. “In 2029,” Tyson said, “on Friday the 13th in April, Apophis is a certainty to come closer to Earth than our communications satellites. It’ll be the largest thing to come that close in recorded history … and depending on that trajectory, will determine whether it will hit us seven years later.”Apollo 9 astronaut Russell L. Schweickart, an advocate of organizing to prepare for such threats, said new data put the odds of a strike at 1 in 38,000. That’s still enough, he said, to take the situation seriously.
Is there good news in this asteroid doomsday scenario? Yes and no. “Apophis, if it hits, will not contribute to global warning,” Tyson predicted. “It’ll just wipe out the entire West Coast of North America.”


Russia, India to Produce, Sell 1,000 Supersonic Cruise Missiles July 30, 2006

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Russia and India intend to make 1,000 BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles over the next ten years through their joint venture company, and nearly 50 percent of them are expected to be sold to other countries, defense sources said Friday.



The Moon Landing of 1969: A Fake??? July 29, 2006

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Here are some photos on Apollo’s fake landing on the moon.
Believe it? or not?

“Some of the lighting on ‘official NASA film’ are very suspect. The NASA picture to the left should show the astronaut in complete shadow because the sun is behind him, and yet the whole of the astronaut is caught in bright light?


“Lets move onto the famous picture of Buzz Aldrin that shows the LEM, Neil Armstrong and landing site in the reflection of his visor. One of the strange things with this picture is that the reticule that is supposed to be in the middle of the picture actually shows up at the bottom of Aldrins right leg? How can this be when the camera is attached to the cameraman’s chest??? A fact that is easily verifiable by the reflection of the cameraman in the visor.”


“One of the biggest anomalies that appear on the Moon shots are the way in which shadows seem to be cast in totally different directions, even when the objects making the shadows are a mere few feet apart? A classic example can be viewed by clicking the picture to the right. If the guy on the left was near a vertical rise of ground (as has been suggested) his shadow would show a definite ‘crease’ where the land begins to rise. It doesn’t!”


Question: How can an astronaut cast a shadow several feet taller than his colleague who is standing a few feet away from him?

Answer: He is standing farther away from the arc light that is illuminating them both. I truly believe that this footage is taken on a film set, you cannot reproduce this strange shadow phenomenon with natural light, and that includes taking into consideration two natural light sources (the Earth and Sun) as many sceptics would have you believe.

What if Integrated Circuits were not Invented? July 28, 2006

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Can you imagine on how a personal computer could look like if integrated circuits were not invented? Here’s a picture which

was taken on 1954 by the Sperry Rand Corporation (the company who made the first computer – UNIVAC) which they predict on

how a computer could look like on 2004. LOL 😛

“Scientists from the RAND Corporation have created this model to illustrate how a “home computer” could look like in the year 2004. However the needed technology will not be economically feasible for the average home. Also the scientists readily admit that the computer will require not yet invented technology to actually work, but 50 years from now scientific progress is expected to solve these problems. With teletype interface and the Fortran language, the computer will be easy to use.”


UK Nuke Spotted on Google Earth? July 27, 2006

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I’m not sure what this is but it really looks like a nuke. The picture was captured using Google Earth and this is somewhere in the UK.


Introducing the New “Honda Civic of the Sky” July 26, 2006

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Tired of waking up so early in the morning just to avoid the traffic in EDSA when your office is located in Makati or along Fort Bonifacio? Well, here’s a good news for you! 🙂 .. The well known automobile maker Honda will soon sell small jets as they announced it last week. (Ask your ninong Lucio T. to buy you one of this hehehe)

“The automobile maker successfully tested the four- to five-passenger twin-engine Honda Jet in December 2003. Honda conducted its first public demonstration flight of the jet at a 2005 air show in Oshkosh, Wis.The company has said the plane, which their chief executive has referred to as the “Honda Civic of the sky,” is designed to be more fuel efficient than conventional small jets and could fly 1,100 miles before needing to refuel. “Our turbofan (engine) and composite airframe programs are ongoing,” Yoahino told AI during a reception in Japan prior W last month’s Tokyo Motor Show. He says the compress goal remains to become a maker of “affordable” light commercial aircraft.”

Video Display that Floats in the Air July 25, 2006

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Ever wonder of watching a movie on a video display that floats in the air? Well, I guess you remember the Star Wars movie wherein Princess Leah sent a message to Luke Skywalker in a video format that floats in the air. During the 80’s or 90’s, everybody think it’s impossible to create this technology since you cannot control the light and the colors emmited from a machine to the air to produce streaming pictures. I remember when I was in College, we wer studying about TV broadcasting on how light was emmitted from a Cathode Ray Tube to the screen inorder to produce streaming pictures or what we call as Video. It’s all about the “Aquadag” which captures or pulls the electrons emitted from the “electron gun” and scatter it before it hits the screen and then produces a picture. Then “interlace scanning” will make the picture move and produce a video.

Today, some scientists in the US had invented a cool gadget which displays a video that floats in the air! you think it’s impossible? check this out: