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Ice and Fire: The Mini “Ice Age” – caused by a Super Volcano August 2, 2006

Posted by ionicflux in News, Science.

There is a substantial evidence to show that within the time of the super volcano Toba’s eruption in the Indonesian Pacific, the world’s population of homo sapiens decreased from over one hundred thousand to less than two thousand, basically because global temperatures dropped five degrees for many years. This was within the current interglacial and at its start.


Toba, Indonesia, 75,000 years ago:The eruption of 2,800 cubic km of magma at Toba caldera 75,000 years ago was the largest eruption in the last 2 million years. The eruption may have release as much as 1012 kg of sulfuric acid, an order of magnitude more than Laki in 1783 and Tambora in 1815, two of the greatest Holocene eruptions. The Toba eruption may have caused about 3 to 4 degree C cooling at the surface but this impact is hard to detect because of concurrent glacial conditions (Sigurdsson, 1990).



1. WGM-lover - November 9, 2008

i hope this doesn’t happen durin my life time…lol

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