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Tooth Tunes: A-Tootbrush-MP3-Player September 5, 2006

Posted by ionicflux in Gadgets, Inventions.

Whatever people say about this gadget, this is still awesome! a toothbrush that plays music is cool! to think that it doesn’t have a speaker to produce the sound and the music can be heard through something like a sound vibration: a sound wave which travels from the bristles to your teeth, then to your jaw bone and to your ear.. I’d like to buy this stuff!



Scientists have invented a remarkable toothbrush that lets you listen to pop songs while you scrub away – by transmitting the sound waves through your teeth and jawbone to your ear.

It is initially being targeted at children, but could also be marketed to the so-called iPod generation of adults.

Replacement chips with different songs will be available, and Hasbro is negotiating with artists including the Black Eyed Peas and Will Smith. The firm spent six years trying out its new technology in lollipops, pens, spoons and forks before deciding to launch it in toothbrushes. (more)




1. gary - September 5, 2006

this thing is useless..

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