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The World’s 1st Astronaut November 1, 2006

Posted by ionicflux in Inventions, People, Science.

All of us know that the US had made the first successful space mission to the moon. Some people may say that it’s only a hoax. Whatever they say or believe, here’s an article which strucked me most. I was searching for the word “cosmonaut” or “astronaut” in the internet and found an article in wikipedia. When I was reading through the article, I was surprised that the 1st attempt of man to travel into space was on the 16th century?? And that man is not a Yank, nor a Russian, but a Chinese! 🙂 His name is Wan Hu (dated 16th Century).


Wàn Hǔ or Wàn Hù (萬虎 or 萬戶) (c. 1500) was a minor Chinese official of the Ming dynasty and perhaps the world’s first astronaut.

According to legend, early in the 16th century, Wan decided to take advantage of China’s advanced rocket and fireworks technology to launch himself into outer space.


He had a chair built with forty-seven rockets attached. On the day of lift-off, Wan, splendidly attired, climbed into his rocket chair and forty seven servants lit the fuses and then hastily ran for cover. There was a huge explosion. When the smoke cleared, Wan and the chair were gone. He was never seen again. Another legend describes a sled like vehicle with kites attached.



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