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Why is Venus the hottest planet even though Mercury is closer to the sun? July 27, 2007

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Mercury is closest to the sun, this is true. However, because of its proximity to the sun it lacks an atmosphere. Mercury’s gaseous molecules reached escape velocity long ago and the atmosphere was ‘burned off’ leaving a vacant wasteland of rock with a similar surface to the earth’s moon. There is nothing to hold in solar radiation, thus is flies out into space.

venus.jpgVenus Venus is a different story. Its atmosphere is primarily composed of carbon dioxide – the primary green house gas -, which acts like a one-way door. The solar heat enters, but it cannot leave. Thus, an oven is created. This is why Venus has no water. Pictures suggest that Venus once had an aqueous environment, but because of climatic changes and intense heat…. it evaporated.

Also, because of an overactive core, Venus seems to recreate its continents every X years. So, we do not expect to find fossils or many bacteria.


More Crazy Japanese Inventions July 26, 2007

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personal rain saver


360 degree panoramic camera


cockroach swatting slippers


hay fever hat

fresh air mask


portable office tie


ten-in-one gardening tool


umbrella head band


vertigo soothing glasses

Peugeot Car Concept July 25, 2007

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The next generation cars: the futuristic Peugeot

Spectacular Video of A Meteor July 24, 2007

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Video of space debris breaking up in the atmosphere LIVE during Good Day Colorado around 6:15 a.m. Thursday, January 4, 2007

SkyFOX pilot Rob Marshall and photojournalist Josh White captured the event at about 6:15 a.m. Mountain Standard Time while they were flying over Denver.

The World’s deadliest commute: July 24, 2007

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From CNN: They are the arteries that keep Mumbai’s economy ticking, rattling 6 million people a day to offices, shops and factories. But arriving safe and sound for work after a trip on Mumbai’s clogged railways is no mean feat.

On average 4,000 people die a year on Mumbai’s railways, crushed under trains, electrocuted by overhead power lines or killed as they lean from jam-packed carriages to gasp for air. It is perhaps the world’s deadliest commute. (more)…

Revolutionizing Outer Space Style July 23, 2007

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A new spacesuit for future astronauts is being developed by MIT.

For 40 years astronauts have been lumbering around space in the same heavy, energy-sapping suits — and that is what Dava Newman, professor of aeronautics, astronautics and engineering systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wants to change. Newman and her team of researchers have just unveiled a promising new prototype called the BioSuit: a sleek, white, clingy outfit, whose revolutionary design has the potential to make astronauts feel as agile and au courant as Spider-Man. (more)..

The latest Cosmic Discovery: Say hello to Frank July 21, 2007

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There’s mighty Jupiter, dubbed after the paramount god of Roman mythology. Pluto, whose name was inspired by the god of the underworld. Mercury, its title bestowed in honor of the winged messenger.

Then there’s Frank.


The oddball name has been temporarily given to Saturn’s 60th moon, the European Space Agency (ESA) said here on Friday.

The newly-discovered satellite of the Solar System’s second largest planet was spotted by astronomers led by Carl Murray of Queen Mary College at the University of London. (more)…

Magic or Physics July 17, 2007

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The tallest meets the shortest.. July 16, 2007

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Unlock your car with a Tennis Ball July 15, 2007

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