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Peugeot Car Concept July 25, 2007

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The next generation cars: the futuristic Peugeot


iPhone Field Test Mode Lets You Spy On The AT&T Network July 14, 2007

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Interesting AT&T stuff you can get by dialing *3001#12345#* on your iPhone

Richard Baguley, chief cellular ninja over at WirelessInfo.com, just published a number that, when called, turns your iPhone into a mobile field testing station. Suddenly, up pops a new menu (as you can see on our own iPhone at left) that provides detailed reporting on strengths and characteristics of the cell towers in your area, plus a load of other nerdy networky factoids. In other words, you can see things that AT&T might not want you to see…(more)

The New Apple iPHONE January 10, 2007

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[gv data=”Cs7CNrlfy1k”][/gv]

Mysterious “Spider Boat” November 6, 2006

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These pictures were taken in the Port of Ilwaco on the Washington State coast. The crew wore civilian clothes but guarded the boat closely and would not answer any questions. It was suggested it may be something Boeing is working on. The pontoons appear to be made of very thick rubber and may be fuel cells. Note that each of the steel spider-like legs are jointed in three places. Perhaps the boat can be lowered in calm seas and raised when it is rough. The boat had no name or number…









A Thousand Days on Mars October 30, 2006

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From the start — from the day the first of the two Mars rovers safely landed there in 2004 — Steve Squyres has been warning that their time was limited.

At some point a computer would crash, or a circuit would give out, and one rover or the other would die.

It hasn’t happened. The two robotic rovers were supposed to last for 90 “sols,” or Martian days. As of today, Spirit, the first rover, has survived 1,000 sols.

“It’s pretty amazing, actually,” said Justin Maki, the lead imaging scientist for the rover project. “The rover’s basically in good health, especially considering its age.”

Bio-Shirt Monitors Athletes October 27, 2006

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bioshirt.jpgBio-Shirts, developed by Korea’s state-backed Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, were introduced last week at the National Sports Festival. The shirts are designed to monitor various physiological parameters so elite athletes don’t push themselves too hard. Several sprinters tried out the Bio-Shirts.

The Bio-Shirt has two parts; a specially designed lightweight shirt and a monitoring system that weighs just 20 grams including the battery. The battery life will be prolonged to cover the average running time of amateur marathon runners—about five hours.

“Next year, people wearing Bio-Shirt will be able to know their temperatures, heart rates and speeds while running on a real-time basis using a wristwatch-type miniature computer enabled by Bluetooth,” said development team leader Kim Seung-hwan. “When any of the three data types hits a ceiling configured in advance, a warning sign will let marathoners know it is time to stop running and take a rest,” Kim said.

The shirt can also be used as a non-invasive ambulatory monitoring system for medical patients.

The Bio-Shirt is in part the realization of the heartshirt, one of science fiction writer Rudy Rucker’s ideas from his 1988 novel “Wetware”:

Della’s first present was an imipolex sweatshirt called a heartshirt?The heartshirt was an even dark blue, except for a few staticky red spots drifting about. “It can feel your heartbeat … look.” Sure enough there was a big red spot on the plastic shirt just over her heart, a spot that spread out into an expanding ring that moved on over her shoulders and down to her sleeves.

Rechargable USB-Cell Batteries October 11, 2006

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There are a lot of USB-powered gadgets that came out in the market today. USB heated gloves and slippers, a variety of USB-powered adult toys, USB barbeques and USB ashtrays that predict when you’ll die of lung cancer.

They’re all very entertaining, but nowhere near as useful as the USB rechargeable AA battery developed by Moxia Energy. It’s an ordinary nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery with a USB adaptor hidden under the positive end. It can be charged simply by connecting it to your PC.
cool huh! 🙂

Make Love to the Sound of Cellphone Music October 7, 2006

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condom.jpgA Ukrainian scientist has invented a condom that plays music during sex.Hryhory Chausovsky developed the birth-control device as a novelty and as an aid for more pleasurable love-making, he said.

A miniature loudspeaker and motion sensor implanted in the condom’s upper cuff provides a range of musical tones during sex. Music volume depends on intensity of love-making and tone varies based on the sexual position.

“(The condom’s sound) is directly related to the emotional level of the users,” he said.

Microsoft Zune September 27, 2006

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Microsoft’s Zune which was believed to be an “Ipod Killer” will be coming out soon and here’s one of the videos of it

Driving so Fast can’t be detected by a Speed Camera September 25, 2006

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[gv data=”BqUbvglAt7I”][/gv]